my blog will be all english now

dont fight

maybe you just read my last posting about my bestfriend. i think i will be fine if sdhe angered with me but i will always be helpfully for her and i will love her as my bestfriend all the time

Jakarta International School Part 1

today is first day in holiday i dont know where i can go, and my english teacher (i think 7 years ago) tell me that she wants to go to her school( in jakarta internatiional school she is now teacher in there). I was very happy to se her again and play wait her students. I went to school at 9.30 and play with her students
1 frederick, he is so active but i like it hahahahah
2 john, i think he has same face with frederick hehehe
3 tya, she is so kind and helpfully(on my first time in here)
4 jaja, she is beautiful she is thailand
5 malay, she is talkative i like her
and many more that i can tell you to much hahahahah
but i love they so much i will miss their too much
i swear i will comeback again tomorrow to get conversation wit they
i love you all :)))))))

of course

4 days alone dika is in his national exams and im alone huhuhuhu. i miss you :"""""""( but i always beside you if you want me to or not. because i love you. dik i need you but i know that you not in time to talk all the time with me but im alright. i love you